The New Terrace

A Truly outdoor-like experience in our new temperature-controlled Terrace, enjoy our diverse entertainment sets with your favorite food.

A Hidden Gem at the heart of Dubai

A Mediterranean serendipity, a Hidden Gem at the heart of Dubai, gathering pieces of culture and presenting fine dining.

Live Music

Pleasant evenings with live music starring two soulful bands, singing beautifully and playing heartfelt melodies amidst C’s joyful vibes.

Worldly Entertainment

Entertainment is crafted to suit C restaurant diversity and colorful representation of various cultures. We can certainly say It’s a puzzle made from all over the world.

Make a Wish

We bring you the ultimate experience of the famous plate smashing, a tradition to express joy and wish for better luck.

Extravagant Experience

An extravagant ambiance with striking interiors and unique details mirror our love for classical art and nature.

A Voyage for the Senses

We carry a diverse menu full of authentic Mediterranean and international cuisine. An array of seafood is carefully selected to offer a wild voyage for the senses.