Greek Nights

A Mediterranean-themed night, every night, a collage of Live Music from the world, European Dance pieces, and Greek-inspired peak moments when everyone makes a wish and smashes a plate, and before you ask, plates are made of chalk, so they are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The C Lunch Experience

C Restaurant presents a new lunch experience! A six-course meal to heaven that allows you to explore our diverse Mediterranean signature seafood menu 

A welcoming space to all, friendly with a warm ambiance perfect for quality time, a refuge from everyday life with our exciting and diverse space for colorful gatherings, and a host of cultural delicacies from around the world!

"Catch of the Day"

Enjoy an all-fresh “Catch of the Day” selection
Marinated and Prepared with our Signature Mediterranean Styles

Daily Breakfast

Experience worldly breakfasts everyday at C Restaurant

Turkish Breakfast
English Breakfast
Levant Breakfast